Author(s): Shreyas V Desai, Bhavna Joshi, Umesh Upadhyay


DOI: 10.5958/0975-4377.2020.00045.2   

Address: Shreyas V Desai1, Prof. Bhavna Joshi2, Dr. Umesh Upadhyay3
1Student, Department of Pharmacy, Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Bakrol, Ajwa, Vadodara.
2Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy, Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Bakrol, Ajwa, Vadodara.
3Principal, Department of Pharmacy, Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Bakrol, Ajwa, Vadodara.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 12,      Issue - 4,     Year - 2020

Niosomes are non-ionic surfactant based multilamellar on unilamellar vesicles in which a fluid arrangement of solute is completely encased by a membrane because of the association of surfactant macromolecules as bilayer. The drug targeting is a kind of phenomenon in which drug gets distributed in the body in such a manner that the drug interacts with the target tissue at a cellular or sub cellular level to achieve a desired therapeutic response at desire site without undesirable interactions at other sites. Niosomes can be achieved by modern methods of targeting the drug delivery system such as niosomes. Which are the biodegradable, non-toxic, more stable and inexpensive, another way to deal with liposomes. It can be used as carriers of amphiphilic and lipophilic drug. They are also handling and storage of niosomes requires no special conditions. The fundamental object of this review is the use of niosome innovation is utilized to treat various diseases, noisome have great open door in research and useful for research in pharma company. Niosomes have great drug delivery potential for targeted delivery of anti-infective and anti-cancer agents.

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Shreyas V Desai, Bhavna Joshi, Umesh Upadhyay. An Overview on Niosomes As Novel Drug Delivery Systems. Res. J. Pharma. Dosage Forms and Tech.2020; 12(4):271-281. doi: 10.5958/0975-4377.2020.00045.2

Shreyas V Desai, Bhavna Joshi, Umesh Upadhyay. An Overview on Niosomes As Novel Drug Delivery Systems. Res. J. Pharma. Dosage Forms and Tech.2020; 12(4):271-281. doi: 10.5958/0975-4377.2020.00045.2   Available on:

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