Volume No. :   11

Issue No. :  2

Year :  2019

ISSN Print :  0975-234X

ISSN Online :  0975-4377


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Solubility as well as Bioavailability Enhancement Techniques

Address:   Priyanka R. Patil*, Mr. Rohan R. Vakhariya, Dr. C. S. Magdum
Rajarambapu College of Pharmacy, Kasegaon, Tal.- Walwa, Dist.- Sangli, Maharashtra
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/0975-4377.2019.00016.8

Solubility is a solvent property. The word 'solubility' is a defined as the maximum number of disruptions possible. It can also be quantitatively defined as well as qualitatively. Quantitatively, it is defined as the ratio of solute to saturated solutions at a particular temperature. In qualitative condition, consistency can be defined as random interactions between two or more substances, which create uniform molecular dispersal. Solubilization involves the breaking of inter-ionic or intermolecular Solvent molecules, Solution between soluble molecules or ions, Space for spatial interaction. Drug, temperature, Pressure and pH Solubility is an important component get the desired concentration of medicines to systemic circulation, This is a bioavailability. Most medicines are weak acidic or weak fundamental with poor aqueous solubility. This review highlights various techniques of dissolving medicines or increase solubility of medicines. These techniques include Physical and chemical changes like particle size reduction, micronization, density, Dispersion, complexity, self-emulsification, including complex, prodrug and salt Creation.The larger the surface, the higher the dissolution rate. Since surface area is reduced due to particle size, conventional method can be accomplished through methods such as grinding, ball milling, fluid energy micronization, salt formation and control promenade. Therefore, formulization methods are being invented to increase the biological availability of bad density medicine.
solubility, bioavailability, solution, formulations, Techniques.
Priyanka R. Patil, Rohan R. Vakhariya, C. S. Magdum. Solubility as well as Bioavailability Enhancement Techniques. Res. J. Pharma. Dosage Forms and Tech.2019; 11(2):105-110.
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