Volume No. :   7

Issue No. :  1

Year :  2015

ISSN Print :  0975-234X

ISSN Online :  0975-4377


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Pharmacological Significance of Pyrazole and its Derivatives

Address:   Namdeo G. Shinde1*, Nayana V. Pimpodkar2
1Department of Pharmaceutics, Satara College of Pharmacy, Degaon, Satara-415004, (MS) India.
2Satara College of Pharmacy (D. Pharm) Degaon, Satara-415004, (MS) India.
*Corresponding Author
DOI No: 10.5958/0975-4377.2015.00011.7

The chemistry of heterocyclic compound is one of the most complex branch of organic chemistry, which is equally interesting for its theoretical Implications, for the delivery of its synthetic procedures and for physiological and industrial significance of heterocyclic compound. Pyrazole has been studied for over a century as an important class of heterocyclic compound and continue to attract considerable interest due to the broad range of biological activities they posses. Present review highlighted recent reports of various pharmacological activities of pyrazole and its derivatives. Several pyrazole derivatives in the literature showed important biological activities with their structures are covered in this review.
Pyrazole derivatives, heterocyclic aromatic compounds, pharmacological activities.
Namdeo G. Shinde, Nayana V. Pimpodkar. Pharmacological Significance of Pyrazole and its Derivatives. Res. J. Pharm. Dosage Form. & Tech. 7(1): Jan.-Mar. 2015; Page 74-81.
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